Bettyvision Celebrates Kelley Coughlan

Kelley Coughlan Vision Board

 About Power Betty Kelley Coughlan:

Kelley’s dream is help people everywhere to realize their dreams. Her primary company is Melrose PR, a boutique public relations company that helps brands break through the clutter and achieve results that help further their business. Her goal with pursecase was to create an item that women everywhere will love, while also solving a personal problem- she always loses her phone! Pursecase was created to be fashionable, functional and fun. It was designed with just your phone and essentials in mind. With pursecase, you can keep you phone, ID, cash, credit cards and a compact mirror all at your fingertips in the most stylish way. We have all lost, dropped, or smashed our phones by accident at some point… with pursecase you can put it on your wrist (doubles as a bracelet- so you wont put it down and lose it) and it protects the phone even if you drop it. The best part is that pursecase is her own brand, and now she can finally do PR for her own product! It’s been her dream to publicize something that she developed.

Power Betty Q&A:

How did you get your current position or start-up?

I got here by taking a leap of faith and starting a company. It took guts but I knew that if I didn’t do it then, I never would. I am also blessed that I don’t have to do it alone.  My long-time friend from college (we met at USC), Jenn Deese is my partner in pursecase and Melrose PR. I could not manage both businesses or even keep my head on straight without her! It’s wonderful to be able to work alongside someone you trust wholeheartedly, and not be in this alone.

What was your biggest challenge?

 Our biggest challenge was finding a manufacturing partner who could execute the idea and create a functional product at a reasonable price point. We are blessed now to work with a wonderful partner who helps streamline the entire manufacturing process from soup to nuts.

What is your personal mission statement that keeps you reaching for your dreams?

I truly believe that if you love what you do, it won’t feel like work. I try to be honest and have integrity in everything I do. I love my life, both personal and professional… so rather than stressing about keeping a work-life balance, I focus on keeping my spirit positive and maintaining a happy outlook on life. I only work with people with a positive outlook and good energy, as I think it is SO important to be happy. People and the energy that surrounds them affects my own energy, so it’s essential to surround myself with those who empower and encourage me to do and be my best.

Who inspires you?

Lori Greiner, one of the most prolific inventors of retail products and “Shark” on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank is a great inspiration to me. Having created over 350 products and holding over 110 patents, Lori still gives back every day by helping budding entrepreneurs achieve their goals and dreams and coaches them on how to succeed. I one day hope to be a mentor to many women having learned from my own successes and failures.

What does Bettyvision mean to you?

Bettyvision is a wonderful concept and I have always been a believer in vision boards and affirmations. I’ve always made vision boards with magazine cutouts and glue sticks, but with Bettyvision, now anyone with a computer can access this incredible tool. Thanks for helping betty’s everywhere visualize their dreams and reach their goals!