Bettyvision Community Guidelines

Bettyvision is an online vision board community that provides women of all ages with the interactive tools and resources needed to creatively identify, explore, and express their dreams and become accountable for their progress and results.

The following Community Guidelines are to help you understand how to interact with the Bettyvision platform and keep the community positive.


We are the dreamers. We think big, play hard, and we imagine our lives without limitation. We all have different backgrounds, influences and opinions. There is no dream too big or too small. We ask that you please be respectful in all of your interactions with Bettys on the platform.


We believe that if you shut off your mind and let your heart speak loudly, you will unearth suppressed passions and your deepest dreams will emerge onto your Bettyvision dream board. Bettyvision is a safe and supportive community that encourages you to dream out loud and be embraced by other Bettys who are willing and ready to support you in making your dreams a reality.


The beauty of dreaming out loud on the Bettyvision platform is your ability to inspire and motivate other Bettys through your vision board and milestones. To provide your fellow Bettys with quick access to the content you have posted and to give credit to the originator, accurately site your vision board sources. Take the extra time to research the original piece and please properly cite and/or tag it.


This is the dreamer's playground, where our friends receive the tools, skills, and support necessary to bridge the gap between dreaming and living the dream. We do not tolerate nudity, illegal or negligent content, harassment or intimidation in any form. If you come across any of this, please report it to our team here.


Bettyvision is dedicated to lifelong inspiration, education and support. We are excited to be a part of your journey and want to continue to provide you with the tools to push you forward. The Bettyvision platform is in constant development and we would love to hear your suggestions and feedback. Please share here.