Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bettyvision?

Bettyvision is is the dreamer's playground, where our bettys receive the tools, skills, and support necessary to bridge the gap between dreaming and living the dream.

How do I join Bettyvision?

Visit and click Get Started..

Choose how you'll sign up: using your pre existing Facebook account or click first time user and complete your profile.

After you've completed your personal profile, click Sign Up.

How do I make a vision board?

1. From your personal profile page, click Create New Board

2. Add inspirational images from your desktop or the embedded Google Search toolbar that showcase your dreams

3. Add text to your vision board that articulate your dreams

Having trouble uploading photos?

It could be your browser:

For an optimal experience, ensure you are using Google Chrome and/or Firefox and that your browser is up to date.

Clear your browser's cookies and make sure cookies are still enabled.

How do I edit my vision board?

1. From your personal profile page, click the large display of the vision board you want to edit.

2. Click Edit Board button beneath your vision board to begin editing

What is a Milestone List?

A milestone list is designed for you to plan the steps necessary to achieve your dream. You can add, rearrange and update your milestone list as needed.

How do I add a Milestone List?

From your personal profile page, click the large display of the vision board you want to add a milestone list to. Beneath your vision board, click the Add Milestones button and begin writing in the necessary steps to achieve your dream. Individual milestones and milestone lists can be organized as you see fit by using the up and down arrow to finalize placement.

How do I check off Milestones so others know I have accomplished them?

Click on the vision board with the associated milestone list and scroll down the page to your milestone list and check off the milestone boxes you have accomplished.

How do I share my board?

You can share your Bettyvision Board on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, Linkedin, or via email by clicking the social media icons that are beneath each individual vision board.

What is following?

Following a Betty or a Betty’s particular board means you'll see that Betty’s board updates, board milestone achievements, board comments, and profile posts in your activity feed. You can unfollow Bettys or boards at any time – the person won't be notified.

How do I Follow a Betty?

To follow all of a Betty's user activity, click Follow on their profile page beneath their name.

How do I Follow a board?

To follow a specific vision board created by a Betty, click Follow beneath the vision board.

Who can see my boards?

At this time all Bettyvision boards are public and can be viewed using the search toolbar on the homepage.

Can I tag Bettys in posts or boards I create?

No not at this time. Please stay tuned!

Have more questions or suggestions?

Please email us at with any questions, suggestions or concerns.